About Us



Yantai Yite Hydraulic Equipment Sales Co., Ltd. is located in Yantai, a coastal city and engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high-end excavator attachments, especially in the fields of dismantling engineering, scrapped car dismantling, and renewable resources. Our operating principles are efficient, practical, and tailor-made solutions for customers. We offers a range of hydraulic shears and various types of demolition and scrap handling equipment, including scrap shears, press frames, steel grabs, wood grabs, breakers, demolition tongs and special attachments for excavators.


We have more than ten years of experience in the fields of building demolition, mine crushing, scrapped car dismantling, scrap steel processing and recycling, and we are a innovative and professional team with long accumulate steadily developing experience. We can supply the customized service according to our clients' requirement.. We provide 24-hour personal service to ensure customer satisfaction. We are committed to new product development and providing solutions for new applications, While maintaining a passion for superior product quality and customer service.

Management Idea: Sincere realistic innovation.

Management policy: Maximum service to customers, more benefit for them and us.

Management aim: Committed to becoming a world-class excavator attachment enterprise, committed to the application of advanced ideas, excellent talents and cutting-edge technology.



1. In 2006, sales center was established.

2. In 2016, a research and development team was established to develop excavator special hydraulic equipment.

3. From 2018 to now,we applied for and passed a variety of quality certification and expand the production line.

hour house service

With our extensive experience and dynamic competitive strategy, we are ready to enter the next phase of our company's future. Our commitment to excellent service and innovative solutions ensures our continued growth and success. We remain committed to adopting the latest technologies and staying ahead of industry trends to deliver unrivaled results to our clients. Our focus on creating a positive work environment and investing in our talented people has helped us build a strong team ready to take on any challenge. We are confident that with our strengths, we will continue to thrive and secure our position as a world-class company.



We mainly sold our products to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Zambia, South Africa, Columbia, the republic of Ecuador, etc. Innovative products, competitive price, steadily quality and thoughtful service are always our aims.